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How will you plan a Management Information System in marketing information system taking into account the actions of antecedents or consequences of consumers, competitors, employers, institutions, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, govt. bodies and NGO’s (Note you must also take into account the physical, technological, economic factors, beside legal and social taboos) (Take an example of your choice).

Market information system may be defined as factual knowledge about the action, antecedents or consequences of social actors outside or inside the firm and the environment in which they operate. Social actors are as consumers, completions, employee, institutions, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, govt. bodies and
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The tools, the technologies and the well designed solutions and system are available to support all needs of the business. What is needed is an integrated solution out of these technologies and the system offering an enterprise wide management support. Such an integrated solution is called as the Enterprise Management System (EMS), which when implemented in an integrated manner for co-ordinated and co-operative function of the business give rise to the Enterprise Management System.
Technology Evaluation Factors
Client server architecture and its implementation- two tier or three tier.
Object orientation in development and methodology.
Handling of server and client based data and application logic.
Application and use of standards in all the phases of development and in the product.
Front end tools and backend data based management system tools or the data, process presentation management.
Interface mechanisms: Data transfer, real time access, OLE/ODBC compliance.
Use of case tool, screen generators, report writers, screen painter and batch processor.
Support system technology like bar coding, EDI, imaging, communication, network.
Down loading to PC based packages, MS-Office, Lotus note etc.
Operation system and its level of usage in the system.
Hardware- software configuration management.
Marketing Information System is Information System used in Marketing and

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