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Case Study: Schizophrenia Answer Sheet
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Diagnosing Randy:
1. Go to the DSM-IV checklist for schizophrenia and list each of Randy's behaviors that satisfy the symptom criteria for schizophrenia. Which of Randy's symptoms meet any of the criteria? (Be sure to match specific symptoms with specific criteria.)
Randy has cognitive symptoms that include trouble focusing, distress, and difficulty paying attention. His positive symptoms include hallucinations as well as delusions. His negative symptoms are his lack of hygiene and flat effect.
2. How long has Randy been experiencing symptoms that meet the criteria for schizophrenia?
Randy has experienced his symptoms since he was 22 or ten years.
3. What type of schizophrenia
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The loss of his brother and other family situations may have brought his predisposition to the front.
4. What sociocultural factors may have played a role in Randy’s schizophrenia?
From a sociocultural viewpoint would suggest that maybe his race, as well as his country, and social environment could play a role in his schizophrenia also people labeling him as not normal could have played a role in a self fulfilling prophecy. Sociocultural views may also suggest that family stresses may have been a contribution to his schizophrenia.

Treating Randy:
1. Assume that instead of being jailed for his offenses, Randy is referred to a community health center for treatment planning. You are assigned to be his caseworker. What kind of assessments will you need to do before you begin Randy’s treatment planning?
Before Treating Randy a family history would be very helpful to give me an idea of Randy may have been predisposed to his schizophrenia. I would search for abnormalities in his brain with a brain scan. And check for any viral infections that may be causing an illness. Also evaluating Randy’s social situation would be necessary for and overall understanding.
2. What type of medication might you recommend for Randy?
I would recommend atypical antipsychotic drugs such as clozapine because they “appear to be more effective than conventional drugs” (Comer, 2015).
3. What mental health treatment modalities would be helpful to Randy in addition to medication?
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