case study: too much delegation in nissan

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Good communication skills can help a manager successfully delegate responsibility to subordinates. It is a process of good thing that spreads the workload, rewards subordinates with decision making power, develop subordinates capabilities and allow decision to be made. By practicing delegation process, an organization can do achieve their set of goal. Nissan, a renowned Japanese automaker is the best example of practicing delegation. From the case study
“Too much delegation at Nissan”, we have got some findings that how Carlos Ghosn, CEO of
Nissan, did apply to get success by practicing delegation.
Question 1: What are some advantages that Carlos Ghosn can expect to obtain from retaining decision-making authority at the CEO level? What are
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Today in modern world, most organization is following decentralization. It makes organization more flexible and responsive.
Centralization and its example: Centralization refers that decision making in the organization can be done by only top management. It is the formal authority that top management will give decisions which will be followed by everyone without any changes. When only top managers take decision without any option of lower level employees, the organization is centralized. In simple word, top manager has right to take decision without any view of lower level of manager is called centralization.
Example 1: Top management of Company X decided that the medical facility of the employees will not be provided for six month because the company is suffering from loss for two years.

Example 2: A manager of a trucking company makes all operational decisions, sending information to the individual drivers through dispatches.
Example 3: The central bank of Bangladesh monitoring and evaluating all other govt. owned bank and private bank in Bangladesh. They published rules and regulation for other bank and every bank followed this rules.
Those decision are taken by only top management without any recommendation of lower level employee. Question 3: Japanese management system depends on high specialization. Dose a high

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