cgmt 400 week 3 individual securing and protecting information

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Securing and Protecting Information
Michael Anthony Horton
University of Phoenix
August 18, 2014
Instructor: Dr. Stephen Jones

Securing and Protecting Information The specific purpose of this paper is to describe the authentication process and to describe how this and other information security considerations will affect the design and development process for new information systems. The authentication process is a necessity for safeguarding systems against various forms of security threats, such as password-cracking tools, brute-force or wordbook attacks, abuse of system access rights, impersonation of attested users, and last but not least reply attacks just to name a
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Sadly, there is no way to alleviate the numerous amounts of threats that haunt networks and computers worldwide. The foundation and framework for choosing and implementing countermeasures against them are very important. A written policy is vital in helping to insure that everyone within the organization understands and behaves in an appropriate manner with regards to the fact that sensitive data and the security of software should be kept safe. When a security policy is developed, it should be well defined and the information in it should be clear and plainly understand and the objectives should be well defined so that there will be no confusion. Conversely, a data system with security policies is probably going to have an assortment of countermeasures that address a range of threats. Policies, standards, guidelines, and coaching materials that are known to be obsolete and not enforced could be dangerous to a corporation due to the data being outdated. As a result, management is basically drawn into thinking that security policies do exist within the organization when actually that is not the case. Counter measures which are outdated does not do an organization any good because without the appropriate patches in place, the organization’s network could have holes which would leave them extremely vulnerable. All organizations need to be compelled to actively
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