ch 12 us history Essay

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Big Picture Questions 1. The experience of empire for conquered peoples was broadly similar whoever their rulers were. Does the material of this chapter support or challenge this idea? Support your answer. 2. In thinking about the similarities and differences among the empires of the early modern era, what categories of comparison might be most useful to consider? Why? 3. Have a look at the maps in this chapter with an eye to areas of the world that were not incorporated in a major empire. Pick one or more of them and do a little research as to what was happening there in the early modern era. 4. Looking Back: Compared to the world of the fifteenth century, what new patterns of development are visible in the empire-building projects…show more content…
12. In what ways was the Ottoman Empire important for Europe in the early modern era? Reading Detail Questions: 13. What view did Winona Laduke, president of the Indigenous Women’s Network take on the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in the Americas? How did this differ from the perspective of Americans on the 400th anniversary of the same event in 1892? 14. Describe the various types of societies that the world contained in 1500. 15. In what ways did the gathering and hunting people of Australia differ from those of the northwest coast of North America? 16. Make sure you copy the snapshot graphic on page 562 into your notebook. You will need it later. 17. What kinds of changes were transforming the societies of the West African Igbo and the North American Iroquois as the fifteenth century unfolded? 18. What role did Central Asian and West African pastoralists play in their respective regions? 19. How would define/describe the major achievements of Ming dynasty China? 20. Who was Zheng He? What other important historical characters can he be compared with? Why? 21. What was the most surprising feature of Zheng He’s voyages? Why? 22. What political and cultural differences stand out in the histories of fifteen century China and Western Europe? What similarities are apparent? Why? 23. What was the Renaissance? How did compare to changes in
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