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Multiple Choice

1. Organizations continue to run older business systems, called ______________ because they form the core of mission-critical computing systems.

a. Reduced-function IT
b. Last gen software
c. Legacy systems
d. Bloat-ware

2. Enterprise systems are integrated ISs that support core business processes and functions. How is integration achieved?

a. Integration is achieved by connecting wired and wireless computer networks so they can share applications.
b. Integration is achieved by outsourcing to vendors that replace stand-alone ISs with a single IS.
c. Integration is achieved by linking databases and data warehouses so they can share data.
d. Integration is achieved by using cloud computing.

3. When companies
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13. Many ERP systems incorporate __________________ principles, which involve minimizing all forms of waste.

a. Eco-Tech
b. Cost-centered
c. Lean manufacturing
d. Profit-focused

14. Business-to-business integration (B2Bi) is vital for efficient and accurate flow of data across internal ISs and external business partners. B2Bi and secure data exchange over the Internet is done through __________.

a. Wireless routers
b. B2B gateways
c. Data sources
d. Enterprise application integration (EAI) middleware

15. Why are ERP systems strategic weapons for food manufacturers?

a. The threats and potential costs associated with food safety have decreased because of data transparency.
b. ERP systems have lowered global barriers to entry into the food industry.
c. ERP systems are needed for controlling costs, managing inventory, and meeting government regulations given the food industry’s margin pressures.
d. ERP systems are needed to monitor competitors’ business practices and quickly respond to them.

16. Typically, how are ERP systems acquired?

a. By purchasing or leasing packaged software
b. Built in-house
c. Built with proprietary software
d. Custom built by consulting companies and vendors

17. What is the first step toward becoming an agile manufacturer?

a. Reengineer financial business processes
b. Develop the means to monitor the marketplace
c. Develop new products and services for current and prospective customers
d. Implement

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