chapter 10

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Chapter 10—Developing and Managing Products MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. When the manufacturer of L’Oreal shampoo introduced shampoos designed specifically to appeal to preteens, the product was: e.a.b.a.a.c.b.c.e.b.e.c.a.d.e.b.d.e.a.c.b.b.d.e.c.d.b.d.b.a.b.e.d.c.c.a.a.b.b.e.a.b.b.b.c.b.e.a.d.c.b.d.c.a.e.b.e.a.e.e.a.c.b.a.d.e.a.d.a.c.d.c.e.d.b.c.c.d.b.e.a.c.d.e.d.b.a.e.a.e.c.a.d.e.e.e.a.c.d.b.a.c.b.a.d.d.a.b.c.b.a.e.c.a.c. a new product because it was an improvement or revision of an existing product 2. Marketers consider all of the following examples of new products EXCEPT: a 2007 model year GE oven with the same style, parts, and color as the 2006 model 3. The maker of Keebler Sandies cookies has added fudge drop Sandies to its cookie…show more content…
all of these 19. Many years ago, Athens, Greece, was viewed as a necessary part of any tour of Europe. Then the city developed an image of a smoggy city choked with traffic. During the _____ stage of its attempt to reposition Athens as a culture-filled destination for conventions, the Greek government realized package tour operators (a source of much of the tourist traffic in Greece) were unimpressed by the proposal to paint the facades of the buildings in Athens and to plant 100s of trees and bushes. screening and concept testing 20. _____ is scientific investigation aimed at discovering new technologies. Basic research 21. Scientists at Indiana University are working to develop new technologies for customer interface interactions in retail stores. Right now they are not concerned with the potential cost-effectiveness of the technologies or the marketability of the technologies. These scientists are involved in: basic research 22. A recent publication revealed insights into the genetic reasons for smoking that can potentially lead to more effective strategies to reduce smoking. Because the purpose of the study was to determine how genetics influences smoking rather than the development of smoking cessation technology, this is an example of: basic research 23. _____ takes new technologies and attempts to find useful applications for them. Applied research 24. Scientists at Indiana University have received a

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