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Development & Change

Chapter 1
General Introduction to Organization Development

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is included in the definition of OD?

a. OD applies to an entire system
b. OD is based on behavioral science knowledge
c. OD is concerned with planned change
d. OD encompasses strategy, structure, and process changes
e. all of the above

ANS: e

2. Organization development distinguishes itself from organization change and change management by which of the following characteristics?

a. addressing the effective sequence of leadership issues that produce organization improvements
b. focusing narrowly on cost, quality, and schedule
c. focusing on the transfer of
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Chapter 2
The Nature of Planned Change

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which theory of planned change serves as the foundation for appreciative inquiry (AI)?

a. Lewin’s Change Model
b. Action Research Model
c. The Positive Model
d. all of the above

ANS: c

2. In Lewin’s model of change, change is brought about by:

a. modifying forces maintaining the status quo
b. increasing forces for change
c. providing laboratory training
d. A and B
e. A and C

ANS: d

3. The three sequential steps in Lewin’s change model are

a. freezing, movement, changing
b. unfreezing, movement, refreezing
c. unfreezing, refraining, refreezing
d. changing, movement, freezing

ANS: b

4. The Action Research Model focuses on

a. planned change as a cyclical process
b. heavy diagnosis prior to acting, planning, and implementation
c. reporting new data from previous research
d. A and B
e. A and C

ANS: d

5. Contemporary applications of action research emphasize

a. data gathering and analysis
b. consultation with a behavioral scientist
c. an increased degree of member involvement
d. problem(s) identification

ANS: c

6. Which activity is not part of the general model of planned change?

a. interviews and action planning
b. entering and contracting
c. diagnosis
d. planning and implementing
e. evaluating and institutionalizing change

ANS: a

7. When an action researcher is dealing with an organization that is under organized, the steps in the change process

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