character analysis: Reasons to be Pretty

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Character Analysis- Stephanie M. Jones Physiology: 1. Sex: Female 2. Age: 25 3. Height & Weight: 5”5 125lbs 4. Color of hair, eye, skin: Brunette/brown, brown eyes, light skin 5. Posture: Slightly hunched (at times), upright 6. Appearance: Pretty, but becomes insecure after her boyfriend says otherwise. Hard working cosmetologist working through her last half of school. Round face, medium size hands and fingers. 7. Defects: Birth mark on her right elbow, two dimples, dry skin at times. 8. Heredity: Lives with her family in Springfield, Illinois. Moved to Chicago for school and to leave home for a while. Product of her mother. Very dramatic Sociology: 1. Class: Working Class. Living right outside the main city. She is …show more content…

Moving back in with her parents was just a minor setback for her. It actually help her make a business plan, that she was able to talk over with her parents. They even agreed to front her some money to get started, but she wanted to earn her own portion first. 3. Frustrations, chief disappointments: Although she moved on, Stephanie always wished Greg would’ve fought for her harder than he did. She always say her and Greg being together forever. He was a great boyfriend to her until he said what he did. Tim treated her like a queen, but he was no Greg. All she wanted was for Greg to own up to his mistake and make up for it. Her speaking to Greg was just the final goodbye for her. She needed to hear him, see him, and let him know what he missed out on. She still does and always will love Greg, but she has moved on. 4. Temperaments: Calm, but when she is angry becomes a firecracker. She has a potty mouth, the Greg hates, but she doesn’t care. Overall is a great girl and very down to earth. Sometimes she is overly dramatic, but makes sure her reasoning for it is legitimate. She can be very emotional at times, also. 5. Attitude toward life: Stephanie feels that she should be treated right because she is such a good person. She is an all around people person and helps people whenever she can. She isn’t selfish.. She tries to rationalize with people before she gets too angry. When she is angry, you curses a lot.

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