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With the progress of history, the definition, content, method and characteristic of management is in constant development. The history of management theory and idea is evolving. Between the twentieth century and twenty first century, the environment of management has been changed from stable and predictable to unending changeable. According to Kiechel’s (2012) theory, with the definite law, principle and regulation, management belong to a real science system. In this essay, two topics will be discussed. The first one is management theories and ideas have changed over time with two factors which are the transformation of labor were treated from machine to human and the connection between organization and external
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Abrahamson (1966) suggested that, change is a global effect; the customer is more sensitive on the quality of the product or service. Managers should seek a new technology to help them handle new conditions which is the performance gap caused by environmental changes. Finally, with the widely used of the development of science and technology and information technology, lots of things could be done which may not be done easily. So the traditional management mode faces the enormous challenge.

Moreover, by Rodrigues(2001)’ theory, the development of effective management skills to deal with specific problems and challenges of each organization in the global competitive environment is to make a frame work. The urgent need of many enterprises and organizations are rapid changes in technology and the environment. Today, the new trend of training and development organizations around the world are dealt within their own organization. In order to achieve networked, flat, flexible, effective development skills, specific challenges different new organizations of their mission and objectives of the organizations all over the word. Effective management skills help people and organizations to improve its effectiveness and efficiency. The rapid development of globalization and technology shows that we are in fierce competition. Proper management is crucial to the complex environment. The quality manager and
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