checking out me history and island man comparison

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Checking out me history and island man comparison. “Checking out me history” is all about the writer wanting to learn about his past. Instead, he is being taught all about the history of white people. He keeps reciting facts that he has learnt. Some of the facts most English children would have learnt whilst they are in school, and some of the facts he has been taught outside of school, probably by his parents. The poem seems like it is a rant to the schooling system and the politics of the country. This may be why there is no punctuation in this poem. It is a way to rebel against the teachers. At school the teachers are always telling you to check your spelling and punctuation, and he is disagreeing with the way and things he is…show more content…
This, along with a large amount of enjambment makes the poem flow easily. It seems like it is a few longs lines, rather than five stanzas! When you read the poem aloud the sound makes you think of waves in the sea, going back and forth. In the first stanza, there is a lot of sibilance – repeating of the sound “s”. This sounds a lot like the waves. In the first stanza, the fourth line is slightly different to the other lines. It tells you he is not in real life, because it is in his head, which suggests he is dreaming. In the second and third lines, there is enjambment, but this is where it stops. It confuses the reader, because without the fourth line, he is actually on his island, but when you read the fourth line you realise he is dreaming. The confusion reminds me of waking up in the morning, when you think you are still dreaming but then you realise you are not dreaming. At the end of the first stanza, the poet says “the steady breaking and wombing”. Steady breaking reminds you of the waves breaking on the beach on a nice clear morning, which implies it is a good memory. The word “wombing” is very rarely used in everyday life. It means to be doing nothing, being oblivious to the outside world. In addition, it implies protection and comfort. Before a baby is born, it lives in the mother’s womb, where the mother protects it and comforts. The womb is the baby’s home, although only for a short while. When the
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