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C104_Summer09_Assignment_1 Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. __A__ 1. The weight of an object is a. a measure of the gravitational force pulling the object toward the earth. b. equal to the mass of the matter in the object. c. a measure of the space occupied by the object. d. the same at any location on the earth. ___B_ 2. The melting of ice to liquid water is correctly classified as a. a chemical change c. both a chemical and a physical change b. a physical change d. neither a chemical nor a physical change _B___3. As two clear liquid solutions are added together, a red solid forms. This change is most likely a. physical c. neither chemical nor…show more content…
(342) × (.0012) ÷ 100.0 a. 0.00410 b. 0.0041 c. 4.10 × 10-3 d. 0.004104 __D__ 14. Knowing that 1 g = 0.035 oz. and 16 ounces = 1 lb., calculate the number of grams in 10 pounds. a. 35 b. 0.56 c. 1.8 d. 4.6 × 103 _C__ 15. If 13% of a class cheats on an exam and there are 93 students in the class, how many students should you recommend be expelled (to the nearest whole student)? a. 9 b. 10 c. 12 d. 15 _A___ 16. If urine has a density of 1.08 g/mL, what would be the mass of a 125 mL urine sample? a. 135 g b. 0.00864 g c. 116 g d. 125 g __B__ 17. You are able to carry a maximum of 20 kg. What is the maximum volume of gold that you can carry? (Au has a density of 19.6 g/cm3.) a. 392 cm3 b. 1.0 × 103 cm3 c. 0.98 cm3 d. none of these _B___ 18. What is the meaning of the two in ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH? a. all alcohol molecules contain two carbon atoms b. there are two carbon atoms per molecule of ethyl alcohol c. carbon is diatomic d. all of these are correct statements _C__ 19. What is meant when the symbol C-12 is used? a. the carbon atom weighs 12 grams c. the carbon atom weighs 12 amu b. the carbon atom weighs 12 pounds d. the melting point of carbon is 12°C __D__ 20. Using whole numbers, determine the molecular weight of calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2. a. 56 b. 57 c. 58 d. 74 __B__ 21. Which of the following particles is the smallest? a. proton c. neutron b. electron d. they are all the same
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