chemistry project on honey analysis

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Acknowledgement I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my chemistry mentors Mrs. Smiti Gupta for her vital support, genius guidance and encouragement without which this project would not have come forth from my side. I would also like to express my heartly gratitude to the lab assistants Mr. Rajkumar Singh for his necessary suggestions and initiations during the making of this project. I am grateful to My Parents and My Sister whose blessings and wishes have gone a long way in the completion of this arduous task. And at last by no means the least I am grateful to Almighty for giving me the strength to successfully conduct my experiment and for sustaining my efforts which many a times did oscillate.…show more content…
Blood red colour shows the presence of iron. TEST FOR CARBOHYDRATES 1.Fehling`s test :- 2 mL of honey is taken in a test tube and 1mL each of Fehling`s solution A and Fehling`s solution B are added to it and boiled. Red precipitate indicates the presence of reducing sugars. 2. Tollen`s test: 2-3 mL of aqueous solution of honey is taken in a test tube. 2-3mL of Tollen`s reagent is added. The test tube is kept in a boiling water bath for about ten minutes. A shining silver mirror indicates the presence of reducing carbohydrates. OBSERVATION TABLE Substance taken: honey SL. NO TESTS OBSERVATION INFERENCE 1. Test for Potassium:- Honey + Picric acid solution Yellow observed Potassium is present. 2. Test for Calcium:- Honey + NH4Cl soln. + NH4OH soln. filtered + (NH4)2C2O4 White ppt.or milkiness is not observed Calcium is absent. 3. Test for Magnesium:- Honey+ NH4OH (till solution becomes alkaline) + (NH4)3Po4 White not observed Magnesium is absent. 4. Test for Iron:- Honey+ conc.HNO3, heated and cooled, + potassium sulphocyanide Blood red colour is observed Iron is present. 5. Fehling`s test:- Honey + 1mL each of Fehling`s solution A and Fehling`s solution B Red ppt. is observed Reducing sugar is present. 6. Tollen’s test:- Honey + 2-3mL Tollen`s reagent, test tube

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