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Module Guide 2013-14 Contemporary Issues in Business and Management 6BUS1101 Academic Year – 2013/14 Semester - A Module Leader – Rachelle Andrews Contents Contents: 1a Contact details for the module leaders (and teaching team) Name Room Phone ext E mail address Office & Feedback hours Rachelle Andrews M221 X5718 Wednesday and Friday 12-1pm Dr Hans Schlappa M225 Roma Bhowmick M323 Dr Judy Willetts M231 Phillip Mason N/A Tracy Turner N/A Viren Amin N/A…show more content…
Maznevski, Steger and Annan (2007) Managing Complexity in Global Organisations [Accessed 06/08/2013] Tutorial Outline of research techniques for presentation and first assignment What makes a good presentation? (presentation skills discussion and guidance) What makes a good assignment? Peer review – practical session on critiquing written work Action plan to take away Read – text book chapter and recommended reading for the week Research – information on using secondary data for research Review – lecture slides Week Beg 21/10 Lecture 4 Managing in an increasingly global world RA Essential Reading: Core Text: Robbins & Coulter (2014) Management: Global Management Additional reading: Hollinshead, G., & Hardy, J. (2010). The offshoring of financial services: a reassessment. International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy, 4(1), 87-99. MARTIN, S. (2009) Networking and Innovation in the Malaysian Palmoil Industry, Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal. 9 (2). pp. 13-22 [Online] Available at: [Accessed 06/08/2013] Tutorial Student led presentation: External Environment and Internal Culture Grp1 Read – text book chapter and recommended reading for the week Research – examples and evidence of the opportunities and challenges that come from the

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