civil war

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Prompt: There were numerous events and crises during the 1850’s that contributed to the advent of the civil war. Choose three and analyze the relative significance of each in contributing to the advent of the Civil War. During the time period of the mid 1800’s there was a great deal of growing tension between the northern and southern states. Many northerners were abolitionists and were anti slavery, the northerners didn’t want to outlaw slavery completely but wanted to put an end to slavery expansion. The south on the other hand was very against this and wanted for slavery to continue to flourish for the economical gains and trade with other foreign nations. Slavery was a cheap source of labor that allowed for many wealthy southern…show more content…
The novel sold millions of copies in America and abroad. This novel served to be so important to many people forming opinions about slaver because “To millions of people, it made slavery appear almost as evil as it really was”6. Out of all the events leading up to the civil war the reason this novel served such a significant purpose is because it affected people, it affected many people emotionally and was written well enough for people to be able to put their selves in the shoes of a slave for a moment and realize the horror of what it would be like to have to be lose your family and never see them again. Their were many events that lead to the advent of the Civil-War but the three that served to be the most significant were the Bleeding of Kansas, The Dred Scott supreme court decision, and the publishing of Uncle Tom’s Cabin served to be the most significant because it set the stage for many protests, and was the greatest cause in increasing the number of abolitionists in Northern states. If the number of Anti slavery abolitionists didn’t increase so much it could of possibly caused for future significant events and protests to not be as important because their would not be as many northerners fighting to stop the expansion of
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