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Coat of Arms Coat of arms is a collection of symbols that indicates the trait of a family, profession etc. In nursing, the coat of arms is intended to capture the key qualities of what nursing profession means. The purpose of this paper is to explain the six different nursing qualities and discuss why each quality was chosen to represent ‘Nursing’. It will also provide a rational for the symbols that represent each quality in the coat of arms. The idea of placing each symbol in different locations of the coat of arms will also be the part of discussion. Communication is life long learning skills for nurses. Communication can be in different forms. It can be verbal or non verbal. Communication is important…show more content…
“Nursing as care always includes relationship between two or more persons and needs to be inspected from the point of view of equality” (Kangasniemi, 2010). Nurses always deal with Physicians, clients, and other nurses. By maintaining equality in the working environment, I believe that there will be lower chance of conflict between nurses, physicians and clients. Equality also helps a nurse to maintain a good professional relationship with his/her clients and colleagues. In my opinion, it is important that nurses should have the knowledge of equality so that they can treat all the patients with the same caliber of care. I believe that if nurses have the knowledge of equality, no patient will suffer because of age, sex, ethnicity, and gender. The symbol chosen for equality in the coat of arms is a justice scale. It represents equality because the scales on both sides are equal. The scale is placed at the center of the heart because it is one of the central qualities of nursing. The scale is drawn inside the heart because equality directly touches human’s feelings. If an unbalanced or unequal quality of care is provided for two clients, the one who is receiving less care will feel uncomfortable and discriminated. In order to maintain equality the balance on both side of

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