cocaine production Essay

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Cocaine Production in Columbia

Columbia is the largest coca producing country in the world. Over 70% of our nation’s cocaine is produced and manufactured in Columbia (“battles won” 1). The cocaine production in Columbia is different than the rest of the Andean countries because it is grown on plots of land that are gigantic, whereas in Peru and Bolivia coca is grown on small plots of land. Cocaine producing plants are poor farmer’s biggest cash crop. Battles are fought every day between the government and farmers over thousands of acres that produce the raw material for cocaine. In the region that most of these farmers live the growing of coca and the transformation to cocaine is the largest and only functioning industry. It is a
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The current day farmers have been cultivating this plant because of its profitability in producing cocaine. A field of plants can be harvested from three to six times a year. “Cocaine is not hard to make”(Lee 30). It is the trafficking to other countries that is risky. Columbia in the past, “to a greater or lesser extent, is economically dependent on the cocaine industry. The industry is not by any means the most effective source of revenue the economy; in fact, the wealth that it generates is not converted very efficiently into economic growth and may even retard growth in certain areas”(Lee 35). Columbia, as a developing nation, does receive great value economically with the exporting of so much cocaine. The money that is coming into their country helps stabilize their economy and the currency. This money also helps to finance much needed imports and develops the countries creditworthiness.
The drug wars that are fought in Columbia against traffickers and growers are mainly funded by the U.S. government. In 2000, the U.S. reportedly spent over three billion dollars to kill large amounts of cocoa plants that Columbian farmers were producing (battles won). “At the last count by the United Nations, in 2003, land under coca in Columbia was down to 213,200 acres from a peak of over half a million acres in 2000”(Battles Won). This was only a minor setback for the drug lords but it severely hurt the farmer’s incomes.
The only way for most farmers in this country to
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