coffee roaster and sonnies' case Essay

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Executive Brief of Coffee Roaster: Ohori’s: using the product-process matrix, they are using job shop process type in which their products seem to be customized and have very low volume. Ohori’s coffee is defined as a boutique store, the high skilled coffee masters serve customers with high-quality different flavored coffee and satisfy their unique needs. There’s no standard production process, every cup of coffee is made special. Folgers: they are using the repetitive process type as of product-process matrix. Their products are mass production with variety of options and flavors. Bacause their products are packaged standard ones, with standard facilities and factories, all of their prodcuts are under the same sequence. Workers are…show more content…
On ther other hand they are facing chanlleges of capacity and efficiency especially in lunch time, which McDonald’s may not have as of mass service and standarded production. Sonnie’s now can serve 40 customers per hour at lunch time which is probabaly their max capacity. From my obervation and analysis, the made-to-order process can be more efficient if they redesign the service buleprinting and line balancing, then they will not lose professional customers whose schedule’s busy and others who choose to go to other restaurants bacause of the waiting line. The customer is approximately spending 210sec from walking into the shop and making orders to finish the orders. And the order fulfillment process takes average 195sec to hand sandwiched to customers. To cut down and processing time and make it more efficient, we need to focus on the precedence relationship between different ordering and assembling steps. Also we need to focus on the customer actions and realated service providers’s reacting actions. My recommondation would be: when there is a waiting line, customers can get the order form from the entrance of the shop as well as a pencil then might need. Filling out the forms before arriving the order spot, be prepraed, then I believe the ordering process could drop down a lot. Then the person who is in charge of ordering can split the order form as usual. Another part that may change would be the assembling and order accuracy checking. The

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