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     Though, as of this point in my life, I do not yet know what career I would like to pursue, or even what general field I would like to study or work in. I do have certain goals that I know I shall work to attain. These goals are fairly common among most people. Such as the goal of financial security, and financial ability to support a family; the goal of continuous intellectual and physical competitiveness; as well as a goal of general well being, and happiness. In America, many people with these goals go to a college or university in order to achieve them. Their path has been proven to be effective, and so I too have chosen to go to college.
     I have learned that unfortunately
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I first heard of Alfred at the school College Fair. The lady who was representing the University was nice enough to make me actually want to do more research on the school. Although it does appear my average of an 81 (and probably falling) may be a bit low, my new sat score of 1910 (old 1310) seems to get the job done. The lady representing Alfred said that I would get in with an 80, and my first SAT score, an 1890. The Princeton Review online states that the average sat score of acceptance to Alfred is an old 1190. The reason that I am now truly interested in Alfred is the positive reviews I have read of it on the internet, as well as the broad range of academics that Alfred is reported to cater to. Though they are most known for their Engineering school they also have a very comprehensive 25 major liberal arts program, including criminal justice, economics, human studies, education (up to high school level), psychology, and the social sciences, all of which interest me. They also have a business school in which I would most likely consider as either a minor, second major or maybe (not likely) my first major. The most negative thing that I have read about Alfred, is that it is out in the middle of …. guess. NOWHERE!!! However despite the capital letters I don’t think that I would truly have too much of a problem with that, considering I have a two hour commute each morning, which I don’t mind, how bad could it be. Plus if it really is in the middle of

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