columbian exchange

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The Columbian Exchange The Columbian exchange created an enormous interchange of various political ideas, cultures, foods, diseases, animals, and people between the old world and the new world, this give and take relationship caused many changes some positive and some negative between the two areas and help redistribute resources between the two hemispheres. There were many positive things that happened as a result of the Columbian exchange. Potatoes and corn became major food sources for Europeans allowing populations to increase and allowed more settlers an explorers to arrive. The introduction of pigs, cows, and horses gave new food sources and new animals for the Native Americans to use. Also many Native Americans taught the…show more content…
Mercantilism is the focus of draining other countries for its resources and exporting more than you import while gaining as much wealth that is possible by taking the assets from their colonies. So Great Britain believed the more money they had the more power they could achieve. Great Britain used the ideology of mercantilism on the colonies and they were used to export raw materials, such as wood, crops, and furs. Great Britain were able to make goods out of the raw materials that the colonies had exported, once Great Britain was done making the finished goods they would sell it back to the colonies and other countries. Many merchants from Europe gained charters which is a license to do business in the American colonies, this caused an enormous growth in population and merchants became very wealthy. The effect mercantilism had on the natives was not good, because many of the remaining natives became slaves. However the Indians kept dying from the diseases that Europeans brought over, which they were not immune to, and they also would escape because they knew the land very well, so the Europeans needed a new labor group to gather the raw materials and harvest crops for them. The work force the British were looking for had to be cheap, because the merchants wanted to make as much as money as possible, this led to the growth of the African slave
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