commercialization of organ transplants Essay

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Student: Patrick Frost
Instructor: Professor Edwin Martinez del Rio
Business Ethics 309
October 21, 2013
Strayer University

Arguments in favor of organ commercialization
Commercialization of human organs from consenting adults will lead to an increase in the supply of organs needed for transplants (Kanniyakonil, 2005). The major challenge in hospitals is the lack of organs needed for transplantation to the increasing number of patients. Currently, organs are only accepted from victims of altruism suicide and this does not cover the medical needs throughout the world. Thus, by commercializing organs for transplants, the number of organ will
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Commercialization of organs will also lead to degradation in the medical ethics. Patients who are incapable financially may not be given the same medical care quality as people with money. Medical incompatibility is another reason why commercialization of human organs is not advisable. Family members are advised to donate due to enhanced chance of molecular compatibility. However, if organs are sold over the counter unknowing public may buy the organs without the knowledge of the required medical compatibility. Thus, their loved ones may develop serious medical complications or even die as a result of the transplant.
My position on the debate
My position on the debate of commercialization of organ transplants is that it should not be allowed. This, however, does not mean that people are not participating in the practice. Commercialization of organ transplant is a lucrative business. However, this is morally wrong and is against human ethics. This is due to the fact that commercialization of human organs even if it results in saving lives has a bigger negative impact on the society and on the individual. The major moral problem is that people donating will be under the obligation of benefiting. Like is said earlier, in places where organ commercialization is being practice, the business is very lucrative. The need to benefit from the organ donations violates the ethics that are aligned with human

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