common problems for college students

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Common Problems for College Students
Problems May Include, But are Not Limited to:
Disorganization/feeling overwhelmed
Eating right and staying healthy
Failing to manage money
Failing to network
Not resolving relationship issues
Poor grades/not studying or reading enough
Poor sleep habits
Skipping classes
Wasting time/procrastinating
The following tips are for students to help themselves avoid some of the negative affects of these problems. While these issues are certainly not exhaustive, many college students will be affected by a number of them during their college experience.
Reducing feelings of homesickness may be difficult for some but may be accomplished by remaining on campus during the
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While getting to know other students/faculty, establish deadlines for assignments that minimize your stress level.
In as much as college is a time when many people feel overwhelmed with the requirements of life, don’t let this go on for long. Consider seeing a professional counselor to help you organize, prioritize and better manage the demands being placed upon you.

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Common Problems College Students Face - Overcoming Adversity

Every college student wants their experience to be memorable, but in the right way. High school students envision their college years will be full of fun, new social encounters, new experiences, and fond memories. However, there are also many problems college students face throughout their years there, and how they deal with them is essential in their academic, emotional, physical, and social success.

Here are some common problems and some possible solutions for working through them.

Finances - One of the major challenges college students face is that of finances. Many students drop out prior to graduation because they cannot afford the cost. Some have help from parents, others have financial aid, but still with the rising cost of tuition, textbooks, room and board, gasoline, clothing, and other necessities, the challenge is often a difficult one to overcome.

Planning is an essential
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