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Understanding the importance of effective communication in management
Use a model of the communication cycle to explain why it is relevant for effective communication in management.
You are then required to provide relevant examples to explain the importance of selecting an appropriate tone and language and level of formality in management communications, and to devise suitable criteria to assess and make a judgment on the effectiveness of verbal and written communication methods within your area of the organization.
Communication passes through different type of elements which is called “communication cycles” each element has to be taken into consideration carefully when it is required to make an effective communication or when
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Type of the feedback varies from one to another depending on the message.

Below are some relevant examples that are importance of selecting an appropriate tone and language and level of formality in management communication at my organization.
Body Language
As we know that there are verbal and non-verbal communication methods and one of the non-verbal communication methods that I use in my office is body language. It is important to use the correct body language because you have people from different countries and they share different cultures and traditions. Body language can be face expression, eye contacts, hand shaking, head and body movement and gestures as well there are more but these are some of it.
When I communicate with other my body language varies depending upon whom I am taking with suppose I am in an important meeting with the senior management a difficult question is raised to me I cannot start biting my nail which will give them a feedback that I am not confidence of what I am doing or not prepared well. But some time when I meet with my vendors and they have not done what I asked for I change the expression of my face in a way that they feel I am not happy with their work. Also, sometime when I am in a meeting with other department staff and one person is very angry I try to smile and explain the things to him to calm him down. So, according to my knowledge and experience body language takes place
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