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Principles of communication – Types of communication – Methods and media of communication – Process of communication – Barriers to communication – Strategies for improving communication effectiveness.


Business communication by M.K .Sehgal and Vandana Khetarpal
Business communication by R.K.Madhukar
Business and administrative communication by Kitty.O.Locker and Donna S Kienzler


The word communication originates from the Latin word ‘communis’ which means common. It is an important aspect of human behavior and symbolize human being’s ability to convey opinions, feelings, information and ideas to others through
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Understanding users is an important activity for any change agent. People must be convinced that a particular idea or innovation has enough merit to warrant adoption.
Selling Ideas Takes Effort
Selling innovations requires preparation, initiative, patience, and resourcefulness. It may take more effort than originating the idea. In an age of technical complexity and information overload, new ideas seldom stand out. Information on new ideas must be targeted to the appropriate users and relate to their needs and motivations.
Once is Not Enough
A new idea has to be suggested many times before it will "catch on." Initial failures at promoting a new idea are to be expected, so don 't get discouraged if you don 't get the results you want the first time. Some ideas take years to catch on. However, first exposures are crucial to future prospects. Do it right the first time
Selecting the Best Communication Method
In communicating with decision makers, use the most appropriate communications method. One way to do this is to ask yourself the following questions.
What is the purpose of your message? Do you plan to tell them something new? Inform? Do you plan to change their view? Persuade?
What facts must be presented to achieve your desired effect?
What action, if any, do you expect decision makers to take?
What general ideas, opinions and conclusions must be stressed?
Are you thoroughly familiar with all the
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