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Task 1

In your own words, answer the following questions.
1. What does the term ‘risk of significant harm’ mean? Answer q1. If the circumstances that are causing concerns for the safety welfare and wellbeing are present to significant extent.
2. What are the types of child abuse? Answer for q2. 1.physical 2.sexual 3.neglect 4.phychological
3. Identify three possible indicators or signs for each type of child abuse/neglect. Answers q3 1 physical > bruising behaviour problems depression anxiety 2 sexual > bed wetting ,nightmares , scared of people touching them 3 neglect >can be unbathed dirty, little to no food ,too big or small clothing thats dirty
4. What does the term
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1. What are the indicators of risk? Answers q1 Aggressive behaviour, picks fights, red welts, bur ns 1.physical 2.sexual 3.neglect
2. How you would respond to this situation?
Answer q2
1.ask taj whats happening while on school holidays also contact the family
2. report and document speak to principal and report to your supervisor
3.make a child proctection report to DOCS and police
3. How would you prepare to make a report?
Answer q3 names and addresses of the child and his parents or responsible caregiver(s) child's age and gender nature and extent of injury, maltreatment or neglect approximate date and time the injury, maltreatment or neglect occurred the circumstances in which the injuries, became known to case worker previous injury, abuse/ neglect of the child or siblings name of the person suspected to have caused the injury, sexual abuse/ neglect any action taken to treat or help the child and sign any other information the caseworker believes would be helpful

What actions/work practices you would take as a follow up from the report.
1 your repsonsibilty regarding the safety welfare or wellbeing of the child does not cease once report has been made docs it is still your responsibilty to use professional resources to provide support appropriate to your role and identify and respond to any concerns for the young childs welfare


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