compare and contrast parliamentary and presidential system in the Caribbean

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Compare and contrast the Parliamentary and Presidential model of democracy. Which model do you believe is most suitable for Caribbean democracies? Parliamentary and Presidential democracies are forms of government that similar in some respects and differ in others. The Parliamentary system like the Presidential is divided into three separate arms of Government, the Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. Both democracies have a bicameral legislature, often referred to as the House of Representative and the Senate. The House of Representative is elected and the Senate is appointed by the Head of State on the advice of the Prime Minister in a Parliamentary type while both houses are elected by the people in the Presidential system.…show more content…
The President also had the right to veto laws.
Overall, the Caribbean should adapt to the Presidential Democratic System. Although it may seem very expensive to fund such type of government, it may cost less in the long term. The check and balance that a presidential system offers allows for less corruption and Executives to be held accountable of their actions. Policies and laws would be more accurate and better evaluated having two separate Agencies in review of such nature. The Presidential system allows for more transparency which is one of the ultimate objectives of a democracy.

Parliamentary democracy is the type of government where the public vote government into power and parliamentarians are representative of the people. While a Presidential Democracy is when there is a system of government that has a president acting as the nation’s head of state and active chief executive authority. The similarities between the Presidential and Parliamentary model are: both are representative democracies, both have a head of state, both have a bicameral form of government and both are rule by constitution.
There are also differences between the Presidential and Parliamentary model. In the Presidential Model, the president is the Executive body and is separated from the Legislature. President is voted by the people and also the Legislative Branch that is composed by
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