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Korea – Turkey’s Culture and the Relationship between two Countries Introduction As we entered the 21st century – the era of globalization, interaction between different countries across the world has become a fundamental factor for the economic, political and cultural success of all countries. Everything that happens today is interlinked with the international environment and affects events in other nations. For example the Republic of Korea has been severely affected by the actions of other countries; Japan during the colonial period, and the United States after the Korean War. As technology develops and the distance between countries becomes less significant, the importance of understanding each other’s cultures and notions has become…show more content…
Most of the Turkish people I met welcomed me to their home country with all their heart. For instance, a taxi cab driver greeted me and kept on his conversation, making me comfortable. Once he found out that I was Korean, he greeted me even more calling me a brother and told me that his grandfather was a veteran who fought in the Korean War. The fact that I could quickly befriend a foreign taxi driver fascinated me, and was touched by the consideration of the Turkish people. Another comparable trait I noticed was the sanguinity of the people. Korea used to be a male dominant society until the 20th century, mainly because of the Confucianism. Similarly, due to the Islamic culture, the Turkish society was extremely male controlled as well. Although the people are generous and benevolent in general, they also are hot-tempered and can get aggressive. Korea-Turkey Relationships Evidently, Korea and Turkey share many traits in common. They were linked from a long time ago, speaking similar languages and having alike notions. It can be construed that these similarities have enabled the good relationships between the two countries. This is clearly visible after the 2002 FIFA World Cup that was held in Korea. Both the Korean national team and the Turkish national team thrived and made it to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, both teams lost and were faced with each other in the third place playoffs. After an interesting game of football,
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