comparison of Carol Ann Duffy and Sheenagh Pugh, women.

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Compare the ways in which Caroline Duffy and Sheenagh Pugh write about and present women in their poems ‘Standing Female Nude’ and ‘Sweet 18’.

One may note how the portrayal of women in society is one of the pivotal themes throughout Caroline Duffy’s poetry, whether it being one which depicts women’s empowerment, isolation or objectification in society. Caroline Duffy is very honest in her poetry, she is cynical in the fact that she is renowned for expressing things how they are; as expressed in her poem ‘Standing Female Nude’. Similarly, Sheenagh Pugh’s poem ‘Sweet 18’ presents women’s changing attitudes in society and their growing empowerment.

The title ‘Standing Female Nude’ alone reveals an allegory of the objectification
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Despite this the model fails to see how men are also dependent on women. This is shown when he admits that he paints her because he has “no choice”. The difference being she empathises with him, presenting a caring aspect of women, much like the interpretation of how Pugh’s character cares for the young boy like a ‘mother’. This illuminates Duffy’s representation of how women are caring and have a maternal aspect. Though the artist does not sympathise with her, he is merely using her as a tool in his succession. This again shows how women are objectified in society and dominated for the use and pleasure of men. In contrast, Pugh displays how women are equally capable of dominating men and using them for their own needs, illuminating Duffy’s didactic message of how women must stand up for their rights.

Throughout ‘Standing Female Nude’ Duffy uses a metaphor of sexual connotations to demonstrate how women are presented as an objectification of sex. For instance, the imagery of a sexual act is displayed between the two as “He possesses me on canvas, as he dips the brush repeatedly into the paint”, as well as the narrator highlighting that she is the paint in the first stanza, “he drains the colour from me”. Clearly the man can’t help but objectify her as a use for his sexual desires. This idea is further enhanced at his attraction to her naked body as he “stiffens” for her “warmth” and he is
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