computer waste

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The development, implementation, and maintenance of ISs constitute a large and growing part of the cost of doing business; protecting these resources is a primary concern. Managers and users at all levels play a major role in helping organizations achieve the positive benefits of IS. These people must also take the lead in helping to minimize or eliminate the negative consequences of poorly designed and improperly utilized information systems. For managers and users to have such an influence, they must be properly educated. This paper examines about computer waste and computer related mistakes and their causes; and the necessary measures to avoid them.
1. Introduction
Computers have become such valuable tools that today’s
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Yet even the most sophisticated hardware cannot produce meaningful output if users do not follow proper procedures. Mistakes can be caused by unclear expectations and a lack of feedback. A programmer might also develop a program that contains errors. In other cases, a data-entry clerk might enter the wrong data. Unless errors are caught early and prevented, the speed of computers can intensify mistakes. As information technology becomes faster, more complex, and more powerful, organizations and computer users face increased risks of experiencing the results of computer-related mistakes.
4. Preventing computer related waste and mistakes
a. Establishing Policies and Procedures
The first step to prevent computer-related waste is to establish policies and procedures regarding efficient acquisition, use, and disposal of systems and devices. Computers permeate organizations today, and it is critical for organizations to ensure that systems are used to their full potential. As a result, most companies have implemented stringent policies on the acquisition of computer systems and equipment, including requiring a formal justification statement before computer equipment is purchased, definition of standard computing plat- forms (operating system, type of computer chip, minimum amount of RAM,
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