conflict resolution

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Conflict Resolution in a Virtual Environment Valery Taylor BUS610 Prof. Magdy Hussein October 27, 2014 Conflict Resolution in a Virtual Environment The human mind is a unique filter and for this reason, every one of us thinks and perceives situations in our own way. One crisis that might be diminutive in nature for one person can be colossal in nature to another person. This dichotomy gives rise to differences of opinions, and different opinions can lead to arguments. If arguments are weighed purposefully and fairly in conflict, then resolutions can lead to a meaningful outcome. However, if arguments are just for the sake of arguments, this might lead to an undesired situation leading to conflicts among people. Conflicts among…show more content…
These emails turned into a workplace disagreement. The differences in opinion caused the meeting to be rescheduled. The affect hindered our organizational performance. In my conflict, we need to examine different reasons for conflicts. According to research, “latent conflict represents all of the potential sources of conflict at the individual or group level” (Baack, 2012, p.7.3). For example, the source of the conflict between the team member and me was a difference in opinion on how to organize the group assigned task. Again, not all conflicts are the same, and for this reason, management should have a heightened awareness of the different levels of conflicts in the workplace. According to research, “Resolving conflict cannot take place until the level has been properly identified” (Baack, 2012, p. 7.3). The four levels of conflict are intrapersonal or intra-psychic conflict, interpersonal conflict, intra-group conflict, intergroup conflict. In my situation, the level of conflict with the team member was an intra-group conflict. According to research, “Intra-group conflict refers to incidents between members of a group. Disagreements about goals, methods of operation, and leadership create intra-group conflicts. When conflicts are not properly managed and resolved, the end results can be poor decisions and ineffective group functioning” (Baack, 2012). The source of the intra-group conflict was task related. According to studies,” task
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