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CPCCBC4003A Select and Prepare a Construction Contract Marking Comments Assignment 1 An excellent submission, Welcome to this subject, a good start to this subject with this first assignment. My name is Cliff McSorley; I will be marking your assignments for this subject. Part 1 Good analysis and detailed response to both parts of this question. This is quite a problematic question, it would be something you would most likely do with the assistance of a solicitor, however you do need to be aware that changes to a contract is a difficult task and in my opinion always stick with the tried and tested standard contacts. Contracts provided by industry association have been tried and tested in the courts over many years and…show more content…
This time line would judge as what a reasonable time frame for carrying out a job would be. This would be judged on a job by job basis and things like the detail, materials, ease of access and size of the work would all need to be taken into account. The contractor was seen to be progressing the job at a reasonable rate in respect to his resources (eg. size of the company) throughout the construction process, failure to do so would be consider to be a substantial breach of contract. e) in respect of clause **, knowingly providing documentary evidence containing an untrue statement. Well answered. Part 3 1) Recommend two (2) different types of contracts for the following types of projects 2) Two well selected contracts, for each project. 3) Using your recommendations above propose what contract would you use and give reasons why for the following projects also identify statutory and legislative requirements of using these contracts. Excellent choice and discussion again with very good explanations on why you have chosen each contract and details of statutory and legislative requirements included to further justify your decisions 4) Describe the process of creating a contractual situation from the point of submitting a Tender to signing a contract and identify each step using construction terminology. For each step also identify using the legal terminology. Well stepped through with good details on legal terminology. An
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