contribute to the support of individuals with multiple conditions by louisa

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1.2 Multiple conditions and disabilities can affect an individual’s emotional and physical wellbeing. They may require extra support and encouragement with any activities they undertake, which could be a combination of both mental and physical disabilities. They will also need empathy and support with any emotional needs they may have. Multiple conditions usually have additional impacts on individuals’ wellbeing and quality of life. A person with arthritis only can live at home with minimum help of a carer but elderly people who have arthritis and dementia in addition, for them it is safer to live in care home. Multiple conditions also require different kinds of medications which are not without side effects. This is also an…show more content…
My role is to be someone they trust to help them and to be able to assist at all times when possible. 4.1 Reflecting on my day helps me to identify gaps and areas that can be improved. I was taking a client for a walk around the grounds. My client is elderly and suffers from dementia. I was a little worried about taking him out on my own because recently he has not wanted to return to the unit. The walk around the grounds went well but
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