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There needs to be a change in the criminal justice system. Convicted felons who are charged with any drug felony should not be put into jail or prison because it doesn’t help solve the problem. Rudy Haapanen states, “It is now generally agreed that the criminal justice system fails to rehabilitate offenders, to make them less likely to commit criminal acts as a result of treatment or training; that the system fails to deter potential offenders, to make then less likely to commit criminal acts out of fear of penal sanctions”. In this paper I will discuss drug use in the population, drug dealers, drugs and regulations. I will discuss drug use in the population so that you will see
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Habitual use is when the drug controls the person (Kazenback, p.212). For example, Sue’s drug of choice is cocaine; she is unable to stop using the drug because the drug controls her urge to be dependent on the drug. Since Sue is repeatedly using cocaine, she is a habitual drug user.
When discussing drugs, there are different types. The first type is narcotics. Narcotic are drugs that are being used. Kazenback states, “Narcotics is a substance that induces sleep, dulls the senses, or relieves pain” (p.212). Within the federal law narcotics include opiates and cocaine. Marihuana is also considered a narcotic in some states (Kazenback, p.212).
Another type of drug is opiates. Some may ask, what are opiates? Opiates include a number or different drugs. These drugs include opium, morphine, their derivatives and compounds and their synthetic equivalents (Kazenback, p.212). Opiates have a great medical value; each opiate differs in their uses, effects, and addition potential (Kazenback, p.212). According to the author the most common types of opiates are morphine and codeine (Kazenback, p.212). Morphine and codeine are used for relief in pain and for treatment of cough (Kazenback, p.212). These drugs are usually prescribed from a medical professional out of medical setting such the hospital (Kazenback, p.212). Some drugs are focused on more than others. Kazenback states, “While the misuse or illicit use of some of these drugs has presented serious
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