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1. Draw a flow chart of the cookie-making process (you can hand-draw and scan). See the last page. 2. How long (the throughput time) will it take to fill a rush order of 1-dozen cookie? Assume no other cookies are currently in process. Use a Gantt chart to help with the analysis and attach the screen shot of the Gantt chart. 6+2+1+9+5+2+1=26 mins 3.What is the cycle time? How many orders can you fill in a night (4-hour period)? Does your answer depend on the size of the order, 1-dozen, 2-dozen, or 3-dozen? cycle time=60/6=10mins (Bottleneck is 10mins, 1hour(60mins)/10mins=6. It has a capacity 6 dozen per hour) 1-dozen: The bottleneck is baking, which is total 10mins.The first step washing and mixing,…show more content…
Why? If our cost is depend on the ingredients. Therefore, giving discount or not is depend on how much time we spend on the process. For the 2-dozen, we spend on 8.5 mins per dozen. 3-dozen, we spend 7.3mins per dozen. In this case, the time we spend on each dozen is decreasing in 2-dozen and 3-dozen. Therefore, we can give the discount. 6.How many electric mixers and baking trays will you need? Why? The bottleneck is baking, which takes 10mins. We can put 3 dozens of cookies in one mixer. Therefore, buying an additional mixer is unnecessary. However, we should buy trays. The oven only holds one tray each time. From spoon out the cookie onto a tray to pack them in boxes, this process takes 19mins, if we only have one tray, then we waste time on that. Therefore, we need one more tray if we want to bake 2-dozen cookies. However, just in case, I will buy 3 trays for future accidentally damage. 7. How can you tell that the oven. From baking activity is the bottle neck? What is the effect of adding another oven in term of cycle time and capacity? How much in general would you be willing to pay to rent an additional oven (you won’t be able to give a number because there is no data on selling price and costs)? The oven is the bottleneck, because it takes the longest time to bake, which takes 10mins. Most of the order is waiting for the oven. It takes 10mins for only oven working.
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