corporate communication strategy of an organisation( Dangote group))

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Executive Summary
Corporate organisation strategy differentiates between macro or corporations, micro or business-units, enterprise as well as their function and active strategies which are depended on identity, culture, strategy and product. With reference to the above, each corporation or business-unit operates at different levels and structure but to achieve the organisational goal, their communication strategic processes must be coherent and consistence.
The concept of corporate communication strategy as a functional strategy has provided focal point and direction to the corporate communication function. As a functional strategy used to develop communication plans and implementations, it showcases the relevant of its function to the
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This demand became a turning point in public relation practice that visualises themselves earlier as an in- house journalist or press a gentry but globalisation has made it to become more of a corporate communication practitioner (Grunig & Hunt, 1984).
Collins &Montgomery (1998) defines corporate strategy as an independent possibility established by an organisation for easy creation of value and a planned coordination of its multi-market activities. Drucker (1954) alleged that many organisations have their corporate strategy which is seen as a forecast of where the organisation intends to be positioned in the future with a planned decision on what they need to do to achieve the vision than thinking on how it will be done.
The use of corporate communication to describe the Public Relations practitioner has recently gained an acceptance among scholars and practitioners (Groenewald, 1998:58). Moreover, the term could be used interchangeably to showcase that the function of Public Relation or corporate communication involves both internal and external communications of an organisation (Steyn, 1999). Cornelissen (2011) observed that corporate communication apart from coordinating all the interactions that goes on both within and outside the organisation, it also involve establishing and maintaining constructive reputations with stakeholder groups upon which the organisation is
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