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Abhinav Goyal
MBA-M&S Class of 2013
Under the Supervision of
Dr. Ashish S. Noel Department of Finance,
Amity Business School

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of
Master of Business Administration ( SAP ) At

I declare ,

(a)That the work presented for assessment in this Country Report, Amity SAP London is my own, that it has not previously been presented for another assessment and that my debts (for words, data, arguments and ideas) have been appropriately acknowledged

(b)That the work conforms to the guidelines for presentation and style set out in the relevant
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Total revenue growth (Year to 31 March)

Product excellence
In Burberry everything begins and ends with product excellence
Outerwear core
Leveraging the brand’s heritage, with innovation and excellence, outerwear continued as the dominant apparel category and growth driver.
Menswear focus
Burberry made a lot of progress in reclaiming the brand’s menswear by leveraging its main strategies across the potential men’s apparel and non-apparel segments. Leather goods
Innovation in design drove strength in leather goods, mainly in the brand’s iconic check, leather and handbags.
Intensify non-apparel
Intensifying on under-penetrated categories to leverage products design ,expertise in merchandizing and iconic branding further through investing in product improvemnt, marketing and supply chain.
Men’s accessories
Men’s accessories is the biggest growth driver in non-apparel, (over a third of growth), revenues increasing by over 50%.
Soft accessories
Growth in cashmere and innovation in fabrications drove strong growth in both males and females scarves.

Global licences
Burberry has 3 global licensing arrangements: fragrance and Interparfums, Fossil and Luxottica. The company worked closely with them on marketing and distribution , and conducted regular
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