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Introduction The following assertion intends to provide an in-depth insight into my personal experience observing a trial in the Supreme Court of Victoria. This paper will outline a selection of many pressing issues noticed throughout my observation, more specifically those regarding the law and language in legal arenas along with symbolic and architectural traditions that reinforce prejudice towards those from a low socio-economic background and ethnic minority groups. Furthermore, it will argue how symbolism, architecture and practices within a court are in place to create a power dynamic and reinforce the courts British-'western' sovereignty and royal-like wealth which in turn intimidates members of the community especially from…show more content…
The two most notable observations I made on my visit to the court were; Firstly, The traditional architecture and British symbolism which reinforced a segregation and exclusion of certain racial groups and economically disadvantaged individuals. And secondly, The technical legal language used within the trial and its consequences of exclusion for those who are uneducated, ethnic, from a low socio-economic background or those who are not legal professionals. pose these questions; How can a multi cultural society relate to, and have faith in, a legal system that has inbuilt prejudice stemming from a strong British-monarchical origin, and how can its laws enforce the illegality of racism?; Why would a system insist on truth transparency when it has created a loop hole to its own rules, by making their public conversations private through the creation of legal language? British Symbolism reinforcing Racism Ubiquitous throughout all court rooms and hoisted above the very entrance to the court was a symbol that intrigued me. It was a bold royal logo that I soon learned was the 'Royal Arms'. This pictorial symbol has been modified many times over nine centuries until Queen Victoria adopted a simplified version of the Royal Arms which are still in use today(Supreme Court of Victoria website). A crowned lion and a chained unicorn balance a shield which has on it, symbols derived
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