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This project was undertaken to understand, analyze and review the “CREDIT APPRAISAL SYSTEM” at “HDB Financial Services”.
The project is basically done to analyze the appraisal process and criteria’s set by the institution for obtaining Loan against Property. In addition the project also focused on financial performance of HDBFS.

1.1 Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of study is to know how the loans are granted against property and how the worthiness of the borrower is appraised. The study helps us to know the various procedures, policies, criteria and eligibility required during the sanction of loan. It was also undertaken to analyze the financial performance of HDB Financial Services over the past
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More than half of the present book is lending towards this sector.
The company being in the financial sector provides loans and financial services to customers such as individuals, Professional, Partnership, Sole proprietorship and small and medium companies. HDBFS have dedicated and appraise our exact requirement. Their efforts are directed towards understanding our requirements and loan solutions accordingly. Whether the requirement is of business expansion or working capital requirement, money for your children school admission, daughter’s wedding or a dream vacation, HDBFS range of loans can help you fulfill your dreams and needs alike.

1.4.1Business Strategy:

HDB’s Business strategy has been to provide Best in Class Product and services to India’s increasingly affluent middle market.
To achieve this objective, the company has invested in a “Direct to Customer” distribution model to provide personalized services to its target segment.
The company’s business strategy emphasizes the following

Develop and provide personalized solutions for its target segment that address specific needs of customers.
Identify new product / market opportunities that build economies of scale
 Expand Distribution to new markets
Provide personalized customer experience through its branch network to enhance customer relationships.
Leverage technology to reach out to customers and deliver more products to manage operating costs.
Focus on asset quality through
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