crisis analysis of the Nuance Group Essay

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Part 1 Zaremba (2010) points out that “crisis is any unanticipated event, incident, situation, or development that has the potential to damage or destroy your organization’s reputation”. (P.234) This definition indicates two attributes of crisis: unexpectedness and destructiveness, so effective communication is crucial to manage a crisis. The Nuance Group, a successful management consulting company, with a reputation of experienced and highly educated consultants, was facing the crisis brought by its great “reputation”. As a consultancy, it’s their profession to market themselves. A glossy brochure with specific introduction of consultants’ information, which is the highlight of the company’s reputation, is a fabulous method to market…show more content…
When this kind of exaggeration was acquiesced to do by the superior who also want to gain more clients for the first time, he would think that’s OK and tried another time, although he knew he lied. After many instances of neglect by the superior, the consultant would not think his behavior was unethical and believe it was normal. As a consequence, more and more employees chose to embellish their biography because they believed this kind of behavior is good for the company. Part2 The first 48 hours after the outburst of crisis is the prime time to reduce destruction of the crisis and restore the reputation of the corporation, so when to react and how to react are crucial for crisis communication. As for the Nuance case, the company needs to take the following steps to deal with the crisis. 1. Establish crisis communication team and designate the leader and spokesperson After the crisis emerged, the company needs to establish a crisis communication team first. The team must consist of directors from various departments and high-level executives, especially CEO and crisis management experts. In this team, it is crucial to have a leader who could mobilize resources, make a decision and be responsible for all decisions. Everyone in the team is responsible for a unique issue. 2. Investigate the fact and make a crisis communication plan Then the team needs to investigate the issue clearly as fast as possible because time is as
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