critical analysis of Drugs by Vidal Gore

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Critical Response of ‘Drugs-Vidal Gore’
The article ‘Drugs’ by Gore Vidal was written in order to pace forward a tough case for legalizing all types of drugs in United States of America. He tends to explain the basic human philosophy and the chronological happenings to bring forward this obstacle. First and foremost he brings into front three main arguments concerning the usage of drugs. He deems and strongly claims that by making the drugs illegal does not help to obstruct the drug addiction or trafficking infact they give rise to such activities. Moreover, he endows with the reasons as to how the process of legalization would assist to prevent drug addiction and seize such activities from the face of
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Vidal makes use of these irrational arguments in order to get marijuana or other drugs legalized . If these drugs wouldn’t have been so addictive, why in the first place would they be illegal? When a person is being involved in such activities it is not merely difficult in fact out of the question to decide the good and bad for that particular person. Hence, the advice that Vidal puts forward of labeling the drugs would be of no use, hardly any person would be interested in reading. This step of legalizing the drugs would enhance their spirit and addictiveness towards the drugs. Activities which are normally carried out underground would then be carried out openly with ant hesitation.
This writing in particular was a pretty courageous attempt. Taking into consideration the era in which this article was published 1970, at that period in time harmony, adoration and drug for everyone was a reality. At that instance putting forward this idea would be inclined to be considered as an unbelievable comic story or a severe cause offend to the US government. The idea which Vidal places is not an innovative idea although it was an intimidating one. Vidal’s article, without any uncertainty is valiant chunk; however it fails to endow its audience a direct and clear plan or reason of why the drugs should be legalized, except for the idea that it is the basic right of the people

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