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1) Which of the four basic strategy types were used by GM? Explain your rationale. GM is a defender. Even though they slimmed down dramatically they still managed to regain their title from Toyota. They are experts at what they make and I am sure they would use the slogan “We're sticking with the basics.” GM wants to down size the number of platforms they use so they can make the most out of the fewer platforms.
2) Based on the case, what is GM's vision? Do you think it is realistic? Explain. GM's vision is to make fewer platforms but use the same basic parts. “One goal is fewer auto “platforms.” GM aims to build vehicles all over the world that are made from the same basic parts and assembled in plants that use the same tooling-
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I do think these goals are attainable they just have to stick with the plan and make sure they have a back-up plan in-case something does not work out right.
4) Using Figure 5.5, describe the extent to which GM is using the planning/control cycle. They made their plan they are taking away some of the platforms. They are carrying out the plan by cutting those platforms. They are controlling the direction by using the profits and going from there. They controlled the direction by improving the future for the company. I think they are using the Planning/Control cycle to the fullest. They are following the steps.
5) What did you learn about planning based on this case? Explain I learned that sometime you can not get ahead of your self. Just because the market is doing good does not mean you should make so many models. You never know when your industry is going to take a hit and when you have so many variations of one product it is hard to make each one better. Just stick with the basics. Make your fist model the best it can be and then move on. You need to follow the Planning/Control cycle. Make your plan, Carry out your plan, Control your direction by getting results, Take corrective action. Make sure you follow your plan and always have a back up plan!
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