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MGX9001 S2 Practice Exam SECTION A – TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS 1. Reflecting on a speaker’s message is part of active listening - T F 2. Attention, need, satisfaction, visualisation, and action are the five steps that make up Monroe’s Motivated Sequence - T F 3. A person who is well-liked by his/her peers has legitimate power - T F 4. Social loafing occurs when the presence of others in a group or team improves the performance of individual members - T F 5. According to the team effectiveness model, team effectiveness is defined by team output, team capability, and individual learning and growth - T F 6. The recognition threshold is the point at which a person can detect a change in the environment - T…show more content…
Some of these reps just never learn that sales is just a matter of sweat and blood – good old-fashioned work. These printouts always tell the final story... At 8:40, Bill Squire buzzed his assistant. "Arlene, is Adams…ah, let's see...Jack Adams here yet?" ''Yes, he is Mr. Squire," replied Arlene from the outside office. "He's been here for some time now". With some hesitation, Bill Squire asked his assistant to send Jack Adams in. SQUIRE: [shaking hands] Good morning, Jack. I hope this meeting doesn't interrupt your appointment schedule. I made it early in the morning, figuring your clients don't do business before 10 anyway. ADAMS: No Bill, this time is just fine... [Looks around the office] You’ve made some changes in here since Mike (Jack Adams's former sales manager) changed jobs. SQUIRE: Yeah, I prefer things simple. I think it's more in line with the company’s new efficiency image. We want the customers to realize we're always on our toes, right? ADAMS: [quietly] Sure thing. At this point, Bill Squire got up from his chair and walked to a table nearby and poured himself a glass of water. Returning to his desk, he picked up the computer printout lying in front of him. SQUIRE: [clearing his voice] Well, Jack, we better get to it, right? What I've got here is a printout of all sales personnel in my district for the past 12 months. Have you seen any of this information? ADAMS: Well, I’ve seen

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