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Critical Thinking: Leadership-Development Programs

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Critical thinking is a process by which a thinker can improve the quality of their thinking through a process. It involves a series of process, that actively and skillfully conceptualizing, evaluating, applying, and analyzing information to reach an answer or a conclusion. This allows the reader to process the information received to come to a reasonable conclusion based on a reasoned process. This process involve the utilization of the ten step methodology presented in Browne and Keeley’s book called “Asking the Right Questions”. These steps are used to achieve a clearer understanding of the issues being evaluated.
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Because the company will not be financially capable to handle such a large amount of money, and as a result, the recruiting department will lack of funding. He further give more reason to his argument explaining that leaders are born, not made and by sending does who are not born leaders to leadership development program will be a total waste of money. In addition, the request for expensive training will start to develop, which the company can simply not afford. Step 3: Which word or phrase are ambiguous?

Ravaswami utilizes a series of word and (or) phrases that are ambiguous. The existence of ambiguity is evident in Ravaswami’s memo. Ravaswami uses several word like prosperous, rich, physical disposition, liberal, leadership traits etc. which are word that are ambiguous. These words to me could mean several things. For example, the word rich, which he used in a phrase. Stating “leaders are born into this world accompanied by a rich, psychical disposition, which furnishes him ready-made all his motivations of conduct” (Ravaswami, 2012).This is an ambiguous statement because the italicized words itself are unclear to the reasoning for what Ravaswami’s argue for, whereby making the phrase ambiguous. Also using one’s height as a justification of once ability to be a great leader was ambiguous. He states “I’ve also noted that a tall physical stature is possessed by leaders” (Ravaswami, 2012). Having tall physical stature

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