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Plays from African American, Latino-American, Asian American and European American cultures often deal with important and relevant issues pertinent to that culture but they also connect to all cultures in a universal way. Throughout history in America people of all races have been discriminated against. Immigrants have dealt with experiencing new ways of life and struggled with the tough decision of holding on to their culture or adapting to change. A Raisin in the Sun is a play about an African American family living in Chicago in the sixties. The Younger’s are a family made up of a mother, her daughter and her son with his wife and son. The home they are renting is a small two bedroom apartment, the bathroom is across the hall and they…show more content…
Rebellion will not be tolerated. She tells the slaves of their future and how they will work in scorching heat. She gives them hope by telling them that it will take civil right leaders to give them any hope of ever being treated equally to their fellow man. The play ends with an example of a stereotype when Ms. Pat displays “all right, so your gonna have to suffer for a few hundred years, but from your pain will come a culture so complex. And with this item here... (she removes a basketball from the overhead compartment)'ll become millionaires!” She reveals basketball to point out the stereotype that all black play basketball. African Americans weren’t the only race to experience racism and cultural difficulties. Mexican Americans and Asians also experienced their own struggles. Most of those who migrated to America wanted to hold on to their cultural values and heritage. When their children who were born in the United States grew up, they grew up in an American community. They were exposed to American traditions and ways of life. Their parents felt that their children had lost touch with their roots. The parents tried to keep their cultural alive by keeping traditional homes, but their children were attracted to the society they lived in. The play Zoot Suit Riots is a good example of the struggles with racism and loss of culture Mexican Americans had to deal with. As
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