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How is Stuart Hall’s “encoding/decoding” model an advance on the traditional “transmission” model of communication? How does it change conventional views of how media products are consumed?
As a transmission theory scholar studying in mass-communication research, Hall put forward “encoding and decoding “model which brings big effects and shocks the traditional transmission model. The traditional model divides the message sending into three parts, sender- message- receiver. It is called linearity feature. The message is transmitted in a certain way. However, Hall has a different idea about this. He divided it into five parts. The basic view of Hall’s encoding and decoding communication model is that the media device pays more attention to
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It reflects that government use messages to educate citizens and give them same ideology. It is same with other country like America for example. During 2003-2010, the Iraq war brought destructive effects to Iraq. In another side of the ocean, the White House published a report in which declared they stand at the right and fair side of the world. It had inspired lots of Americans at that period. People in America were told that they were doing the right thing. It is obvious that the messages which audiences gain from the media are not simple any more. It has been selected and reflected the ideology that the controller wants audiences to receive. In other words, the sender of message has encoded it in order to express their views. In conclusion, at the beginning of the model, the traditional one put the sender in the first step in which doesn’t think of the deep content of the message and forgets feedback part of it. Hall critiqued this model with coming up with encoding theory and explains production process as the process of information encoding. It means the sender encodes the information by their ideology. It contains the ideology which the senders want audiences to receive.
When encoding process done, next two stages are circulation and distribution. These two stages are important because of through it culture discourse and meanings are conveyed to the audience in terms of code. If discussing the
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