cypop 5 4.1/4.3 Essay

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Routines Arrivals and departures: Meeting the child's needs: Helping the child to feel safe and secure and to reassure them that their parent will come back for them. Agreements with parents : Share any dietary requirements , agree to any sleep pattern , parent to be encouraged to develop their own departure routine . The participation of children: Child will know where to hang coat , put belongings and were to go to begin the day. School / pre-school runs: Meeting the child's needs: Time to talk about the day ahead ,good preparation routine to ensure no rushing Agreements with parents: Take child to agreed school at agreed time The participation of children: Encourage older children to be independent and carry their own…show more content…
It is important to adapt routines to suit all of the children in a setting. An arrival routine can be adaped for a baby, toddler and school child . A parent and child will arrive at the setting they can then choose an activity thats set out in the morning , for example lego for a school age child, a farm for a toddler and noisey toys for baby.

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