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Date Violence      Sigmund Freud, an early Austrian psychologist, is famous for his fundamental contributions to research in psychology. The greatest contribution of Sigmund Freud is considered to be the so called psychoanalysis. This method of research was based on case studies through recording and study of the mental problems of his patients. After having thoroughly studied hundreds of such cases, Sigmund Freud arrived to a conclusion, that many of the psychological problems of adults are triggered by some unpleasant events, that occurred during their childhood or youth. Such violent acts as rape, physical abuse, or verbal offences, when encountered by an adolescent, may irreparably damage his or her further…show more content…
But it is not sufficient to simply develop such procedures. The main purpose of the research on dating violence should be distributing the results of this research, so that people can use these metrologies for dealing with the dating violence. Fortunately, over the last few years the World Wide Web became an important tribune for researches who want the results of their research to reach every potential victim of dating violence. As a result, there are a few good web sites related to the problem and resolutions of date violence. Majority of these web sites are created and maintained by nonprofit organizations, interested in preventing various negative occurrences within the society.            Among the best web sites related to the issue of dating violence are the following: “Teen Dating Violence” web site of The Houston Area Women’s Center, “Dating Violence and Acquaintance Assault” web site by Herbert G. Lingren, and “Dating Violence” web site by ACADV.      “Teen Dating Violence” web site was developed by The Houston Area Women’s Center. The web site contains several sections and is quite informative. The first section of the web site, “get the facts”, introduces useful statistics that can be used in outlining the scope of the problem. According to the research done by The Houston Area Women’s Center, between 25% and 40% of teens have been assaulted by dates. The “get the
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