Essay on decriminilization of marijuana

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Every year our government spends more than nineteen billion dollars to eradicate it’s use in the United States. About seventeen thousand people were arrested last year because of it. We spend twenty thousand dollars a year per inmate to hold these jailbirds captive. Who are these dangerous criminals you ask? Stoners.            One argument against the decriminalization of marijuana is why would we want to introduce another intoxicant into our society when alcohol and cigarette smoking is already so damaging? Marijuana is far less harmful to the body than cigarettes. Not to mention while it may be potentially habit forming, it is not addictive. When comparing marijuana to…show more content…
If decriminalized users could obtain their marijuana at government regulated prices (Incardi 285). Money that the government cultivated from the selling of marijuana, the money they saved from reducing the war on drugs to hurtful drugs like cocaine and heroin, and the money saved from not housing so many inmates every year is much needed.      We know that our criminal justice system can coerce problem drug users into meaningful and productive sobriety, or, if necessary, can remove problem drug users from society for long periods of time if they are violent or destructive to others. So why do we persist with our failed drug policy, which imprisons weekend pot smokers? If someone is using or abusing drugs, and is not a problem to anyone but themselves, we should educate them and provide treatment on demand. If those people do pose a threat to society they will find a way into the court system one way or another. This program has worked effectively with alcohol abuse and could work just as effectively with marijuana abuse (Gray 229).      Sure, I can understand why the government might be a little hesitant to admit they have been throwing our tax money at this cause for decades. So far all I have mentioned are laws prohibiting the recreational use of marijuana, which is comparatively less beneficial than the medicinal uses that would be available. The governments’s senseless fear of

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