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Unlike any other form of literature or entertainment, Fairy Tales help children to discover their identity and suggest experiences needed to develop their character. In Bruno Bettelheim’s “Life Divined from the Inside” Bettelheim states that “Fairy Tales intimate that a rewarding, good life is within one’s reach despite adversity-but only if one does not shy away from the hazardous struggles without which one can never achieve true identity (Bettelheim 106). Anne Sexton’s “Cinderella” is a perfect example of Bettelheim’s definition of a Fairy Tale.
     The story of Cinderella is a classic story that has had many different versions. Anne Sexton’s version, begins as Cinderella’s mother is on her death bed. She is
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The Ball was for the prince to find a bride, and although Cinderella begged her stepmother to let her go, she wasn’t allowed. Bettelheim must agree with all this adversity that Cinderella is facing. Later, her stepmother threw a dish of food into the fire and told her that if in an hour she had picked them up, she could go. Even though the Birds came and picked up the food, Cinderella’s stepmother still said no. Her stepmother’s reasoning for not letting her go was that she had no clothes and that could not dance. It’s hard not to see how hard Cinderella is trying to lead a good life, although she faces so much adversity. Bettelheim might also agree.
     As the old saying goes “The good guy always wins”; Cinderella ends up going to the prince’s ball and is the only girl he dances with all night. For three nights the Prince walked Cinderella home, and she would disappear. However, on the third day the prince caught Cinderella’s shoe by putting wax on the steps. He gets the shoe and tries to find her. He goes to Cinderella’s house to try to find her, and her step sisters try on the shoe with no avail. Finally, Cinderella tried on the shoe and it was a perfect fit. Now that the Prince had found his princess, they decided to get married.
     “Cinderella and the Prince lived, they
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