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Overview ALL STAR Foods International (ALL STAR) is a large international manufacturer of snack foods, including potato chips, nacho chips, and pretzels, that are sold under the Tasty Crunch brand name. ALL STAR has operations throughout North America and Europe, and its international head office is located in Chicago. Consolidated net sales are in excess of US$1 billion, and ALL STAR’s shares are traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. In Canada, ALL STAR operates through its wholly owned subsidiary, ALL STAR Foods Canada Ltd. (ASFC or the Company). ASFC has facilities located across Canada and sales in excess of CDN$150 million. Its head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. Over the past several years, ASFC’s sales…show more content…
Reporting to Francesca are the fleet manager, the traffic manager and the warehouse managers. The fleet manager, an employee of ASFC for many years, is responsible for the Company’s tractor-trailers and delivery trucks. He ensures that the fleet of vehicles is properly maintained and oversees the long-haul drivers. When Francesca joined ASFC, she was informed that the warehouse managers overstocked their warehouses ALL STAR Foods Canada Ltd. CMA Canada 3 in order to avoid shortages for which they were blamed. As part of her plan to minimize inventory, Francesca created the traffic manager position. This individual is responsible for planning the distribution routes so that the Company’s products are distributed to the warehouses efficiently and product shortages are minimized. Now, each of the 14 warehouse managers report directly to Francesca and she works closely with all of them on inventory control. Gerard Morrisseau, Vice-President, Marketing: Gerard Morrisseau was hired as Vice-President, Marketing as part of ASFC’s restructuring efforts in 2010. Previously the director of marketing for the Canadian operations of a large multinational manufacturer of consumer products, he had also spent time working in the US and abroad. Gerard holds an MBA in Marketing from a Canadian university and has championed several highly innovative marketing programs successfully over the course of his career. There is a strong possibility that

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